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Would you like to enhance the beauty and value of your home with the addition of tile flooring or granite countertops? Improve the appearance and durability of any kitchen remodeling project or bathroom makeover by installing ceramic tile on your floors, walls, or countertops. Anything you will ever need for a tile or stone project can be easily located right here on our website! The Tile & Stone Stores website includes a spectacular gallery of over 200,000 beautiful tiles from all over the world! From the finest Italian porcelain, to artisan crafted Mexican terra cotta, to American-made glazed ceramic, …whatever type of tile or stone product you want from the finest manufacturers around the globe - we can help you find it!

You’ll find a multitude of fabulous design ideas for using tile and stone in your remodeling or custom home building project. We can help you locate reputable tile and stone showrooms, professional fabricators, installers in your local area. If you want new countertops, we can direct you to your nearest natural stone fabricator to have your own timelessly beautiful granite countertops custom crafted and installed in your kitchen. You can top that off with an artistically designed ceramic tile backsplash, with decorative hand-painted tile inserts, molded relief tile borders, glass mosaic tiles, metal art tiles, or a tile wall mural.

You can use our directory to locate marble fireplace surrounds, slate tile and flagstone pavers for outdoor kitchen and patio installations, travertine tile bathroom flooring, stone floor medallions, and many more tile and stone items! And for tile installation, you can also search this site for suppliers for all of your tile cutting and setting materials such as tile saws, underlayment, and grouts.

Our extensive database is equipped with an extremely functional and easy-to-use search tool that allows you to find your state’s tile and stone stores for any tile by color and material. You can easily locate the tile you need at a local store using our website.

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Emphasis tile, Ametista by Dune Listellos
Color Scheme tile, GRAPPLE by DalTile
Rainbow tile, RBW 660L by NovaBell
Ravello tile, RVW 660L by NovaBell
Origini tile, Ametista mosaico by Ceramiche CampoGalliano
Origini tile, Ametista mattoncino by Ceramiche CampoGalliano
T-stone tile, Acqva by Happy Floors
Natural Hues tile, MIST (1) by DalTile
Galia tile, Gris by Procida tile
JS Jesael tile, LIGHT BLUE by Procida tile
Exhibition tile, GREY by DalTile
NeosTile tile, Ash by Happy Floors
Cotto Contempo tile, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE by DalTile
Halcon tile, Navia Bianco Mosaic by Procida tile
NeosTile tile, Ash Muretto Mosaic by Happy Floors
Acacia Valley tile, ASH by DalTile
Breccia tile, Beige by Ceramicas Gaya
Slate tile, Mosaico Beige by Colorker Ceramica
Temptation Series tile, Copper Mine TM-05 by Mirage Glass Tiles
Retro Active tile, Antico Taupe by Crossville
Mu Tiles, Mahogany Vein by Stone & Pewter Accents
Printable stone, Cross lilac by Stone Impressions
NuOxi tile, Char by Happy Floors
Glass And Stone Mosaic Tiles, Ma-05-S by Westside Glass Colection
City View tile, VILLAGE CAFE by DalTile
Porcelain Design Liners stone, Dolphin Double Wave by Arizona Hot Dots
Ark tile, Nero by Voguebay
Bubble tile, Black by Bisazza Mosaico
Elemental Glass tile, Cornflower by DalTile
Bubbles tile, MBS102 by Voguebay
Moire tile, 30 DL by Cooperativa Ceramica D'Imola
Capistrano tile, Fusion by Arley
Bevel glass tile, Island by Cobsa
Bohemian tile, Non-Iridescent by Oceanside Glasstile
Bengali tile, Bengali Earth by Esquire
Porfidi di Marazzi tile, Rosso by Marazzi USA
Twist tile, Mogano Pav. by Impronta Ceramiche
Cubana tile, cedro by Grespania
Imperial Slate tile, Imperial Rust by Marazzi USA
Elegance tile, Mosaico Elegance C by Colorker Ceramica
Delconca Light Hyper tile, Light Hyper 4 by Procida tile
Estrella tile, Carmella by Antiquity Tile
Blended Ice tile, JM0004 by Hirsch Glass
Sausalito tile, Buckskin by Cepac Tile
Breccia tile, Jasper Mosaico by Porcellana di Rocca
Bronze Tiles, Barcelona Medium by Saint Gaudens Art Tile
Nuraghe tile, tappeto mix dark by Ceramiche CampoGalliano
Vail tile, Pine by Laufen
Hiphop tile, Vinalisa Brown by Voguebay
Field Tiles5 tile, Shenandoah by Jeffrey Court
Homogeneous Porcelain tile, YLH 6381 C by Alfa
Shiba Pattern tile, Earth Shiba Pattern by United Tile
Natural Hues tile, BIRCH (1) by DalTile
Prefabricated countertops tile, Lapidus by MS International, Inc.
Kensington tile, Clay 3X3 Square by Nemo Tile
Sonoma tile, Valley Mosaic by Happy Floors
Kensington tile, Clay Listello by Nemo Tile
Natural Hues tile, SPICE (1) by DalTile
Cortina tile, Copper by Sintesi
Cortina tile, Copper Mosaic 2 by Sintesi
Yacht Club tile, COCKPIT by DalTile
Constellation tile, Rosso by Procida tile
Cortina tile, Copper Mosaic 1 by Sintesi
Delconca Light Hyper tile, Light Hyper 3 by Procida tile
Piscis tile, Piscis Crema by Halcon Ceramicas
Arte tile, Bianco Mosaic by Belmondo
Marble stone, St. Laurent by Bedrock International
Laika tile, Laika Blanco by Hispania
Kali tile, Kali Crema by Porcelanosa
Lineal Slate Honed tile, Desert Gold by United Tile
Cottage tile, Ciottolo Marmo Scabos by Ceramica Gazzini
Massalia tile, Bullion 1 x 1 Frieze Button by DalTile
Foliage tile, Insert D by Interceramic
Laser Glass tile, Pure Gold by Voguebay
Estrella tile, Tulipan by Antiquity Tile
Cascade tile, Almond by Pratt & Larson Ceramics
Bay Bridge tile, MAINLAND by DalTile
Twill tile, Graphite by Nemo Tile
Mirage Ardesie tile, Vulcan by Procida tile
Atom tile, Graphite In by Nemo Tile
Lucerna tile, Fumo roc by Happy Floors
Twill tile, Graphite Pinstripe by Nemo Tile
Powder tile, Melon by Stone & Pewter Accents
Fifty tile, Green by Marazzi USA
Glasstyle tile, Mossgreen by InterStyle
Mini Flat Bars tile, Sage Silk by Stone & Pewter Accents
Ceramic Field Tiles 7, Agave by Jeffrey Court
Floor Tiles, YL 3753 M by Alfa
Quality Quartz tile, Pietra-Di-Cogne by Ceramiche Caesar
Limestone tile 2, Ramon Grey by MS International, Inc.
Mountain stone, Alpina White by Silestone
PietraArt tile, Bamboo by Florida Tile
Linea tile, LN0241 by Hirsch Glass
Love tile, Love at First Sight by Oceanside Glasstile
Sublime tile, SILVER DAMASK DECO by DalTile
Venezia tile, Silver Semi-Polished by Happy Floors
River Marble tile, SILVER SPRINGS by DalTile
Nova tile, Gris Arenaria by Procida tile
Nucomo tile, Mosaic Ice by Happy Floors
Sublime tile, SILVER CIRCLES DECO by DalTile
Ardesia Unicom tile, Beige by Procida tile
Mitral tile, Mitral Natural by Happy Floors
Denim tile, Ivory by Procida tile
T-stone tile, Ivory Outdoor by Happy Floors
Sardinia tile, Ivory Mosaic by Happy Floors
Crema Marfil tile, Mosaic Semi-Polished by Happy Floors
Classic standard blends tile, UA301 M Jade Blend by Hakatai Mosaics
Kensington tile, Jade by Nemo Tile
Kensington tile, Jade Bevel by Nemo Tile
Natural Hues tile, JADE (2) by DalTile
Kensington tile, Jade Listello by Nemo Tile
Color Scheme tile, EMERALD by DalTile
Natural Hues tile, SWEET PEA (1) by DalTile
Twill tile, Khaki by Nemo Tile
Twill tile, Khaki Pinstripe by Nemo Tile
Porcealto tile, GARDEN SPOT by DalTile
Twill tile, Khaki Corset by Nemo Tile
San Prospero Eternity tile, Forest by Procida tile
Kensington tile, Lagoon Bevel by Nemo Tile
Kensington tile, Lagoon 2X4 Brick by Nemo Tile
Kensington tile, Lagoon 3X3 Square by Nemo Tile
Kensington tile, Lagoon Deco by Nemo Tile
Kensington tile, Lagoon by Nemo Tile
Kensington tile, Lagoon Floor by Nemo Tile
Neutral tile, Lila by Nemo Tile
Nordic tile, Lime Capture by Nemo Tile
Nordic tile, Lime Mosaic by Nemo Tile
Gallery tile, LIME by DalTile
Natural Hues tile, KIWI (1) by DalTile
Nordic tile, Lime by Nemo Tile
Nordic tile, Lime Mix by Nemo Tile
Kensington tile, Mauve Plank by Nemo Tile
Kensington tile, Mauve by Nemo Tile
Kensington tile, Mauve Listello by Nemo Tile
Kensington tile, Mauve 2X4 Brick by Nemo Tile
Kensington tile, Mauve 3X3 Square by Nemo Tile
Kensington tile, Mauve Bevel by Nemo Tile
RESERVE Estate Metals Finish tile, Silver Nickle by Sonoma Tilemakers
Reflects tile, Crystal Moon by Mediterranea
Sun Kiss tile, Soiree by Oceanside Glasstile
Oil Rubbed Nickel tile, Alhambra Liner by QuesTech
Meridian tile, Hexagon by Oceanside Glasstile
RESERVE Estate Metals Finish tile, Antique Bronze by Sonoma Tilemakers
Steptech tile, Linen by FloorGres
Bijoux tile, BJ75 Ambra by Isla Tile
Old World Concept 5 tile, Old World Concept 5 by Country Floors
Marmi Imperiali tile, Onice Miele by IRIS Ceramica
Glass Borders tile, B/W Speck by Dunis Studios
Milk tile, Polished by Voguebay
Flower Power tile, Pebbles by Imagine Tile
Slate Collection tile, Random Tinda Natural Cleft) by DalTile
Ruskin tile, Ruskin 1 by La Faenza
Granite C stone, Chocolate Beach by Bedrock International
Velia tile, Cube Purpura by Grespania
Marvel tile, Champagne Onyx 5/8 Mosaic by Nemo Tile
Heathland tile, RAFFIA by DalTile
Porcealto tile, MANDORLA CON SPEZIA (1) by DalTile
Unity tile, TOBACCO POLISHED by DalTile
Travertine slab stone, Caramel by MS International, Inc.
Unity tile, TOBACCO TEXTURED by DalTile
B-Pine tile, Cedar Mosaic by Happy Floors
Nepal tile, Noce Wavy by Procida tile
Roma Stone tile, Noce by Happy Floors
Consoli tile, Aurelia Semi-Polished by Happy Floors
Nepal tile, Noce by Procida tile
Ilgin tile, Oak by Procida tile
Max Glory tile, Kensington Floor Noce by Procida tile
Natural Hues tile, HONEYDEW (1) by DalTile
Metropolis tile, Olive by Eleganza
Symphonie tile, Basilea Andeer by Colorker Ceramica
Metro tile, Olive by Eleganza
Elegance tile, Tesela Oliva by Colorker Ceramica
Elegance tile, Micro Elegance Oliva by Colorker Ceramica
Felice tile, 1535 by Jasba
Colonial Clay Terra & Patina tile, Cc2 by Ken Mason Tile (BCIA)
Metal tile, 22-BR by Interceramic
Modul tile, Arancione mozaika by Paradyz
Trellis stone, Afyon Sugar (P) & Jerusalem Gold Dots (P) by AKDO
Aberdeen stone, Aberdeen by Cambria
Everwhite tile, Pearl White by Voguebay
Floor Tiles, LX 4136 M by Alfa
Diario tile, Diario Perla by Sant'Agostino Ceramica
Quartz tile, Mosaico Perla by Colorker Ceramica
Concept tile, Perla by Serenissima Cerimiche
Riflessi tile, madreperla mosaico by Porcellana di Rocca
Mistral tile, jasmin (set de 2) naranja by Grespania
Novelda Borders tile, Domed Blackberry by Country Floors
Astra tile, Formella Ambra 5 by La Fabbrica
Navarra tile, Taco Dec. Navarra Cuero by Colorker Ceramica
Pietra Lavica tile, Centauro Fuligo by La Fabbrica
Fruits de Mer & Sea Shells tile, 1 by Original Style Glass
Natural Hues tile, PINE (2) by DalTile
Eagle EDL tile, Green by Procida tile
Micene tile, List. Micene Greca Rosa by Ariana Ceramica
Elevations tile, Elevations B by Oceanside Glasstile
New Classic tile, Milo Rosa by Sant'Agostino Ceramica
Vetro relieve tile, Malva by Pamesa Ceramica
Domus tile, Domus Banda Pin by Ariana Ceramica
Cobbletones tile, Garland by InterStyle
Cristal tile, Cristal Amatista D.Cristal by Halcon Ceramicas
Progetto SM tile, Dark Grey by FloorGres
Natural Hues tile, Chocolate by DalTile
Flower Power tile, Pebbles by Imagine Tile
Rainbow tile, Incense Iridescent by Oceanside Glasstile
Prisma tile, Prisma Lila by Halcon Ceramicas
Qurtiere latino tile, Rosso by Gambarelli
Blended Ice tile, JM0017 by Hirsch Glass
Pietra Lavica tile, Lava C set 3 pcs by La Fabbrica
Pietra Lavica tile, Set Discus Fiori 3 by La Fabbrica
Old Fashioned Hexagonal tile, Honey Pearl by Stone & Pewter Accents
Selecta tile, Multicolor-Red by Ceramiche Caesar
Marble Falls tile, CRYSTAL SANDS by DalTile
Volcano tile, Sabbia by Nemo Tile
Lefka tile, Sand by Happy Floors
Nucomo tile, Mosaic Sand by Happy Floors
Vega tile, Sand by Happy Floors
Cortina tile, Sand by Sintesi
Antique Metals tile, Hammered Surface silv by Interceramic
Vineyard tile, Insert D silv by Interceramic
Image tile, Griffin left B by Antiquity Tile
Code tile, Decor Bricks Platino Brillo by Azulev
Homogeneous Porcelain tile, YLH 6313 C by Alfa
Bianco tile, Slate Plata by Colorker Ceramica
Porada tile, SOFT TAUPE by DalTile
Cotto Contempo tile, WALL STREET by DalTile
Kapri tile, Medium 1 by Procida tile
Yorkwood Manor tile, BIRCHTREE by DalTile
Heathland tile, SAGE by DalTile
Ayers Rock tile, RUSTIC REMNANT MOSAIC by DalTile
Saturnia tile, Elios by Marazzi USA
Aroa tile, Aroa Siena by Baldocer Ceramicas
Mediterranean tile, Field Verdigris 1 by Imagine Tile
Terre d'Italia tile, Mannu by Artistic Tile
Plymouth tile, Plymouth B by Pratt & Larson Ceramics
Parket tile, Coimbra by Hispania
Season Wood tile, WINTER SPRUCE by DalTile
Ever tile, ROCK LIGHT POLISHED by DalTile
Ever tile, ROCK UNPOLISHED by DalTile
Volcano tile, Tortora by Nemo Tile
Veranda Solids tile, ROCK by DalTile
Kimona Silk tile, RICE PAPER by DalTile
Classic tile, Purple Saphire by Terra Green
Iridium tile, Azalea 4 by Sicis
Class tile, Lilac by NovaBell
Butterfly tile, Wave Viola Lux by Dom Ceramiche
Pietra Lavica tile, Set Discus Fiori 1 by La Fabbrica
Atmosphere Terrazzo tile, Mystical Crystal by DalTile
B-Pine tile, Nut by Happy Floors
Max Glory tile, Max Glory Tuscano Wood Chestnut by Procida tile
Namoo tile, Walnut  Polished by Procida tile
River Marble tile, SANDY FLATS by DalTile
Denver Stone tile, Rust by Happy Floors
Agora tile, Sienna by Procida tile
Baykal tile, Decor Alzada by Ceramicas Gaya
Designer Elegance tile, Giallo Damascus Accent by American Olean
Pedralbes Concept 7 tile, Antique White by Country Floors
Tizian tile, 3541 by Jasba
Black & White Slim tile, Tipe by FloorGres
Unity tile, AVORIO TEXTURED by DalTile
Semi precious collection stone, Tiger Eye by MS International, Inc.
Floor & Wall 4 tile, Mustard Field by Jeffrey Court
Maple tile, Maple by Alfagres
Trend tile, Ocra by AlfaLux Ceramiche
Pret-a-Porter tile, Banana pap54 by Isla Tile
Galaxy tile, Galaxy lima by Grespania
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Watertown, MA, 02472
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Universal Tile and Marble, Newtown, Connecticut (CT), 06470

Newtown, CT, 06470
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Hardwood Collections, Newbury Park, California (CA), 91320

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Modello Tile & Stone, Pacheco, California (CA), 94553

Pacheco, CA, 94553

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 IDS Interior Design Studio     Rolling Meadows, Illinois (IL), 60008
IDS Interior Design Studio, Rolling Meadows, Illinois (IL), 60008

IDS Interior Design Studio offers full-service options for new builds or home or business renovation or remodels. Product choices include: wall paper, window treatments, paint, crown moldings and decorative ornaments.

   We provide tile installation services Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Granite tiles, Limestone tiles, Marble tiles, Metal tiles, Mosaic tiles
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   Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Granite tiles, Limestone tiles, Marble tiles, Metal tiles, Mosaic tiles
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Transworld Tile, Northridge, California (CA), 91325

Transworld Tile has been in operation in Southern California since 1981. We offer hard surface floor coverings made by the world’s greatest vendors.

   Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Granite tiles, Marble tiles, Metal tiles, Mosaic tiles, Onyx tiles
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 Modello Tile & Stone     Pacheco, California (CA), 94553
Modello Tile & Stone, Pacheco, California (CA), 94553

There’s no question about where you should go to buy new flooring in the Pacheco area. Modello Tile & Stone offers the most outstanding selection of top quality tile floor coverings from all the major tile brands.

We have tiles on sale    Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Granite tiles, Marble tiles, Metal tiles, Mosaic tiles, Onyx tiles
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 Sognare Tile, Stone & Sinks     Anaheim, California (CA), 92806
Sognare Tile, Stone & Sinks, Anaheim, California (CA), 92806

The Sognare Tile, Stone & Sinks Company are importers, brokers and wholesalers of flooring, hard surface materials, sinks, tools, setting materials and cleaning supplies. Exceptional customer service, affordable prices and speedy delivery available. We are conveniently located in Anaheim, California.

We have tiles on sale    Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Marble tiles, Metal tiles, Mosaic tiles, Onyx tiles, Porcelain tiles
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Taormina ceramic tile, Avorio by Sintesi

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