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Tile Stores in Newburyport, MA. Where to buy tiles in Newburyport

Among the finishing materials ceramic tile has one of the first places. Ceramic tile is hardwearing, wear-resistant, durable and environmentally-friendly coating. It is not afraid of any exposure of UV – rays, chemicals or the majority of mechanical effects. The range of sold products is so wide that you can pick up any texture and coloring for the most pretentious taste.

Ceramic tile has long ceased to be a luxury item. It is one of the most popular finishing materials in the world and has a very broad scope. Nowadays, ceramic tile remains one of the most indispensable and popular finishing materials used for the walls and floors in rooms with high humidity. Ceramic tile and porcelain tile can be used in kitchens, living rooms, mud rooms, hallways and outdoor spaces. You can choose a particular style like Italian tile or Spanish tile or you can customize your own wall tile or floor tile. Riot of colors and decor fill the ceramic industry.

The final choice depends on the customer`s preferences. Highly skilled specialists of tile stores in Newburyport, Massachusetts can provide a detailed consultation. The main advantages of our employees are professionalism in work with every client and strictly individual approach. Welcome to the tile stores in Newburyport, Massachusetts! 


Tiles Gone Wild

    Newburyport, MA, 01950
Tiles Gone Wild, Newburyport, Massachusetts (MA), 01950

For more than 35 years the tile store Tiles Gone Wild has provided its customers a unique stone, handmade glazed tile, bespoke mosaics, the dazzling glass, unique countertops, carpets, vinyl flooring and more.

   Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Granite tiles, Limestone tiles, Marble tiles, Mosaic tiles, Onyx tiles
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