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Tile Stores in New York (NY). Where to buy tiles in New York

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    New Windsor, NY, 12553
Accu-Tile, New Windsor, New York (NY), 12553

Twenty years in the business and they have no signs of slowing down. They have the largest selection of tiles in the region. They also provide excellent customer service for those looking to make their room a showplace.

   We provide tile installation services
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Albany Tile

    Albany, NY, 12204
Albany Tile, Albany, New York (NY), 12204

The company specializes in a multiple genre of tiles it includes a decorative artistic style of continental European and also primarily specializes in stylized, curvilinear, organic shapes etc. Albany Tile, selling various types of tiles and stones from whole sale dealers, started its business in 1932, concentrating on the latest technologically based tile and stone manufacturing.

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ArtWalk Tile

    Rochester, NY, 14607
ArtWalk Tile, Rochester, New York (NY), 14607

Based In Rochester NY, ArtWalk Tile has become the Largest Flooring Internet dealer in the USA. With Over 3,000 orders monthly and holding a BBB Accredited Business. Our team of eight flooring experts can field phone calls to questions on laying tile.

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B. I. Rosenhaus & Sons, Inc.

    New York, NY, 10023
B. I. Rosenhaus & Sons, Inc., New York, New York (NY), 10023

Company is family owned and operated. Has a wide variety of tile flooring from laminate to vinyl and wood flooring. Plenty of stock to meet customer needs. They will install the purchase with little or no trouble.

   We provide tile installation services Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Granite tiles, Metal tiles, Porcelain tiles, Slate tiles, Stone
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Bella Tile Company

    New York, NY, 10009
Bella Tile Company, New York, New York (NY), 10009

The company has some 20 years in the industry starting as a family business with a small inventory to one that has expanded greatly since. What make them unique are the hundreds of handcrafted tiles they produced.

   We provide tile installation services Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Metal tiles, Porcelain tiles, Stone
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Binghamton Floor Store

    Binghamton, NY, 11385
Binghamton Floor Store, Binghamton, New York (NY), 11385

Company has been putting down flooring for the area since 1985. They not only have the best selection of tiles, but they also import pieces from Italy. Check out the latest lines from their voluminous showroom.

   We provide tile installation services Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Limestone tiles, Marble tiles, Onyx tiles, Porcelain tiles, Stone
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Cancos Tile and Stone

    West Babylon, NY, 11704
Cancos Tile and Stone, West Babylon, New York (NY), 11704

Cancos Tile and Stone has been a family owned and operated Long Island based tile business since 1953. With several design showrooms strategically located throughout Long Island, in both Nassau and Suffolk County, and one in East Brunswick, New Jersey, Cancos is the obvious choice.

   We provide tile installation services
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Complete Tile Collection

    New York, NY, 10011
Complete Tile Collection, New York, New York (NY), 10011

If you are searching for divine, luxurious, ornate stone and tile, Complete Tile Collection is the only place to shop. With an exquisite product line including: natural stone, marble, limestone, travertine (tile and slab), waxed stone, onyx, slate and granite. We also offer unique floor and wall tile in several styles including: Mcintones ceramics in 250 colors, handmade tile, glazed tile and more. For mosaics choose from patterns, cutting edge mixed materials, handcrafted or hand cut random stalks of natural stone.

   Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Granite tiles, Marble tiles, Metal tiles, Mosaic tiles, Onyx tiles
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Country Floors of America LLC.

    New York, NY, 10003
Country Floors of America LLC., New York, New York (NY), 10003

Company has offices in several other states, but has corporate headquarters based in The Big Apple. Company has the history behind it with 50 years of dedicated service and items for the customers to inspect.

   We provide tile installation services
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Dimensional Stone and Tile Design

    Mount Vernon, NY, 10011
Dimensional Stone and Tile Design, Mount Vernon, New York (NY), 10011

This is a one-stop shopping facility for those looking to make a change in their home or office. They have a large display of hardwood, laminate, vinyl and other tile choices with a staff that is ready to answer all of your questions.

   We provide tile installation services
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