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Fioranese Ceramica, Bologna, Italy

Fioranese Ceramica

When our talented designers look at a kitchen floor they donít see a kitchen floor. They see a blank canvas that needs to be decorated. They know itís the place where you stand to bake cookies and the area where the family gathers when they come to visit. Itís also the place where from time to time you can hear the pitter patter of little feet. Itís more than a kitchen floor; itís the place where memories are made. Our tiles are created to make your memories beautiful.

Fine Italian ceramic tile is the perfect addition for any floor. Clean, sleek and available in virtually any color, size or style you desire. Itís easy to clean, fresh and a design element that that is cohesive and durable, built to stand the test of time.

With Fioranese Ceramica, you can choose tiles of the future, product that will proudly stand trusted and true, illuminating your path in style for many years to come. Tiles made by a different kind of company, for a different kind of customer. Forward thinking and never settling for anything less than extraordinary.

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