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Edimax Italian tiles. Where to buy in local stores.


Color bodied porcelain tile is incredibly durable, providing a dependable floor covering for a wide range of applications. Edimax has designed a line of glazed, color body porcelain tiles that offer magnificent aesthetic appeal in a diverse range of textures and colors. Tiles from Edimax have been utilized in the construction of many imposing edifices where extremely high foot traffic creates the necessity for the most durable floor covering available.

High end hotels, government buildings, department stores, swimming pool patios and courtyards offer endless opportunities to create a look of artistry and beauty with porcelain floor tile that you know will last and last. The color body is the most durable of all ceramic tile, with the color of the tile surface remaining the same throughout. This increases the lifetime of the floor tile by allowing for the eventuality of wear or chipping that is rendered invisible by the fact that the color is still exactly the same. Edimax porcelain tile is the most desirable of quality ceramic tile floors.

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Buy Edimax tiles Hawaii
Tile Warehouse - Honolulu, HI 96819
Who carries Edimax tiles in Massachusetts
Allstone Boston - Boston, MA 02210
Visit us for an impressive choice of Edimax tiles in Oregon!
Macadam Floor and Design - Portland, OR 97239
We carry the best selection of Edimax tiles in the state of South Carolina!
Melcer Tile - North Charleston, SC 29418
Our Virginia store offers a wonderful variety of Edimax tiles!
Ideal Tile - Falls Church, VA 22046
Integrity Tile & Stone - Springfield, VA 22150
Plate porcelain tile, Blu by Edimax
Slaty ceramic tile, Multicolor by Edimax
Woodker ceramic tile, Nut by Edimax

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