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Dom Ceramiche

Depending on the customer’s style and budget, this Italian firm has a diverse selection of tiles and ceramic flooring available. Whether it would be something that would be looked at as a room’s centerpiece or as a backdrop, there are many pieces to choose from. Each piece is meticulously built using various technologies made to last. The four categories are; Avant Guard, Alterier, Classique and Technique. Some of these categories only have a couple of choices inside the subject. Avant Guard and Technique are those categories, with three and two selections, respective. The other categories have more than a dozen to select from. All of them can fit into any room of the house and be the focus or just fade into the backdrop.Looking at the categories one can see the elegance they portray. For example, the Avant Guard pieces (Genesi, Parks and Tonic) can be seen in a bright light or in a set piece that transcends the room. The Technique pieces (so-Ho and XL) are also understated to the client’s taste.
Setting them apart from other companies would be the building process.The company takes several approaches to making their tiles. They use BITECH on some of their products that provide a purely traditional and astatically-pleasing finish. Another way they make their ceramics is the Porcellantro (Impasto Colorato), which gives the tiles added strength to withhold the challenges of every-day living.

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Who sells Dom Ceramiche in Arizona
Cactus Stone and Tile - Phoenix, AZ 85034
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America - Colorado Springs, CO 80918
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Avalon Carpet & Tile - Wilmington, DE 19803
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Just Tile It - Bowling Green, KY 42103
Huge selection of Dom Ceramiche tiles in Mississippi area!
Viking Distributers, Inc. - Jackson, MS 39209
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BJ Floors and Kitchens Inc - Passaic, NJ 07055
We carry the best selection of Dom Ceramiche tiles in the state of Texas!
Stone Solutions - Austin, TX 78758
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The Masonry Center, Inc. - Spokane, WA 99216
Allegra ceramic tile, Bianco by Dom Ceramiche
Ambiance ceramic tile, Amb. Blanc Mix by Dom Ceramiche
Atmosphere ceramic tile, Absolu Brillant by Dom Ceramiche
Batik ceramic tile, White Mix by Dom Ceramiche
Beton ceramic tile, VANILLE by Dom Ceramiche
Beton Extra ceramic tile, Perle by Dom Ceramiche
Beton Extra
Breccia Pavimento ceramic tile, Ivory by Dom Ceramiche
Breccia Pavimento
Breccia Rivestimento ceramic tile, Bianco Fascia by Dom Ceramiche
Breccia Rivestimento
Brush ceramic tile, Avorio by Dom Ceramiche
Butterfly ceramic tile, Perla Lux by Dom Ceramiche
Canvas ceramic tile, Dom Canvas Red by Dom Ceramiche
Cotto Beton ceramic tile, Blanc by Dom Ceramiche
Cotto Beton
Cristal ceramic tile, Bianco by Dom Ceramiche
Delicate ceramic tile, Bianco by Dom Ceramiche
Dune ceramic tile, Bianco by Dom Ceramiche
Eiger ceramic tile, Bianco by Dom Ceramiche
Fashoin ceramic tile, White by Dom Ceramiche
Heritage ceramic tile, Bianco by Dom Ceramiche
Home ceramic tile, White Rett. by Dom Ceramiche
Inside Out ceramic tile, White Wall by Dom Ceramiche
Inside Out
Ka ceramic tile, Avorio Flowers by Dom Ceramiche
Karma ceramic tile, White by Dom Ceramiche
Khadi ceramic tile, Beige by Dom Ceramiche
Linear ceramic tile, White Stick by Dom Ceramiche
Millerighe ceramic tile, Composizione by Dom Ceramiche
P-One ceramic tile, Tin Mattoncino by Dom Ceramiche
Palladium ceramic tile, Avorio by Dom Ceramiche
Parka ceramic tile, Antracite Base Carre by Dom Ceramiche
Perlage ceramic tile, Sauvignon by Dom Ceramiche
Pietra Luni ceramic tile, Bianco Mix by Dom Ceramiche
Pietra Luni
Saxum ceramic tile, Cream Mix by Dom Ceramiche
Solid ceramic tile, Fascia Foglie White by Dom Ceramiche
Solid 4.7 ceramic tile, White Inserto Rose by Dom Ceramiche
Solid 4.7
Stone Fusion ceramic tile, Milk by Dom Ceramiche
Stone Fusion
Sweet ceramic tile, Bianco by Dom Ceramiche
Tracce Del Tempo ceramic tile, Bianco by Dom Ceramiche
Tracce Del Tempo
Uptown ceramic tile, Silver by Dom Ceramiche
Ws Africa ceramic tile, Taupe by Dom Ceramiche
Ws Africa
Ws Asia ceramic tile, Evening Ambre by Dom Ceramiche
Ws Asia
Ws Europa ceramic tile, Tuscan Cream by Dom Ceramiche
Ws Europa