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Country Floors, New York, NY, USA

Country Floors

We are the first and only choice for many interior designers, contractors, architects and home owners. Over the years we have developed relationships with the most reputable, respected, prestigious factories in Europe. This has allowed us to be involved with every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the creative points to the finished product. This enables us to offer factory direct prices to our clients without sacrificing the integrity, originality and quality that sets us apart from other distributors.

We are famous for our extensive selections in design from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and we regularly appear in the finest design magazines. We offer same day sampling, exceptional project management and on-time delivery to ensure each project is an outstanding accomplishment.

Our design consultants are the finest in the industry and are fully trained to help you with your needs. We have experience in both large and small scale projects; resorts, boutique hotels, corporate office space and homes. Quality is never compromised at Country Floors; we constantly strive for improvement and believe we hold design integrity thought artistry and originality.

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Who sells Country Floors in Connecticut
Universal Tile and Marble - Newtown, CT 06470
Buy Country Floors tiles Kentucky
Unique Tile, Inc. - Louisville, KY 40204
Who carries Country Floors tiles in Maine
Paul G. White Interior Solutions - Portland, ME 04103
Maryland stores selling Country Floors
Chesapeake Tile & Marble, Inc. - Owings Mills, MD 21117
Country Floors sold in Minnesota
Rubble Tile - Minnetonka, MN 55345
Huge selection of Country Floors tiles in Mississippi area!
JTM Tile Distributing Co., Inc. - Jackson, MS 39232
Visit us for an impressive choice of Country Floors tiles in Oklahoma!
Tile & Design - Oklahoma City, OK 73116
We carry the best selection of Country Floors tiles in the state of Tennessee!
Natural Stone Distributors - Nashville, TN 37211
Renaissance Tile & Stone - Nashville, TN 37203
Our West Virginia store offers a wonderful variety of Country Floors tiles!
Rock & Tile - Charles Town, WV 25414
Country Floors tiles at the lowest prices are available at our Wisconsin store!
Molony Tile - Madison, WI 53713
1x1 Deco, Ivory/Charcoal
1x1 Deco
2x2 Deco, Ivory/Charcoal
2x2 Deco
4x4 Deco, Tudor Rose
4x4 Deco
4x4 Decorative Tiles, 112 Clove
4x4 Decorative Tiles
4x4 Plain, Garden
4x4 Plain
4x4 Textured, Amber On Copper Foil
4x4 Textured
6x6 Decorative Tiles, 203 Brittany Cross
6x6 Decorative Tiles
6x6 Decos, F110 Dalia
6x6 Decos
6x6 Decos color, #151
6x6 Decos color
6x6 s Colorway A, 102 Crest Border
6x6 s Colorway A
85P Golfers, Golfers, 85P
85P Golfers
Aged Faience, 120 Biaze
Aged Faience
Aged Maroc, Ma 35
Aged Maroc
Alexander, Alexander Cream
Autumn, Break Water
Avalon, Basket Weave
Avenza, Tile
Baba Chic Items, Chana Quilt
Baba Chic Items
Birds on Branch Poly, Birds On Branch, 71P
Birds on Branch Poly
Black, Tile
Border, Monet Border
Canyon, Canyon
Colorways, Bk-1
Concept 1, F110 Dalia
Concept 1
Concept 2, Faience-Concept 2
Concept 2
Concept 3, FAIENCE-CONCEPT 3Faience-Concept 3
Concept 3
Concept 5, Faience-Concept 5
Concept 5
Concept 6, 198 Camelias Blue
Concept 6
Concept 7, 122 Kaleidoscopo Blue
Concept 7
Concept flower, 272 Seixas Moss
Concept flower
Cosimo Deco, Verde Chiaro Antico
Cosimo Deco
Crossings Concept 11, Crossings-Concept 11
Crossings Concept 11
Crossings Concept 12, Crossings-Concept 12
Crossings Concept 12
Crossings Concept 13, 13Crossings-Concept 13
Crossings Concept 13
Crossings Concept 15, Concept 15
Crossings Concept 15
Crossings Concept 16, Concept 16
Crossings Concept 16
Crossings Concept 17, Concept 17
Crossings Concept 17
Crossings Concept 18, Concept 18
Crossings Concept 18
Crossings Concept 19, Concept 19
Crossings Concept 19
Crossings Concept 2, Concept 2
Crossings Concept 2
Crossings Concept 20, Crossings-Concept 20
Crossings Concept 20
Crossings Concept 3, Crossings-Concept 3
Crossings Concept 3
Crossings Concept 4, Crossings-Concept 4
Crossings Concept 4
Crossings Concept 5, Ispahan-108
Crossings Concept 5
Crossings Concept 6, Crossings-Concept 6
Crossings Concept 6
Crossings Concept 7, Crossings-Concept 7
Crossings Concept 7
Crossings Concept 8, Concept 8
Crossings Concept 8
Crossings-Concept 14, Concept 14
Crossings-Concept 14
Decorative Tiles, Andalusian, Color: Burnt
Decorative Tiles
Decorative Tiles 6x6, Cornsilk
Decorative Tiles 6x6
Decorative Tiles 8x8, Burnt Umber
Decorative Tiles 8x8
Decorative Tiles King Queen, King, Color: #1
Decorative Tiles King Queen
Decos, Deco #1
Diagnal Musicans, Diagonal Musicians, 81P
Diagnal Musicans
Diana Royal, Tum
Diana Royal
Embossed Rose Border, Embossed Rose Border
Embossed Rose Border
Farm Animal, Farm Animal #01
Farm Animal
Farm Series 4x4, Apple Basket, #Fs10
Farm Series 4x4
Farm Series 4x8, Left Vegetable Garden
Farm Series 4x8
Farm Series 8x8, Chicken Feed
Farm Series 8x8
Field Tiles, Bery FrostBery Frost
Field Tiles
Field Tiles A, Blue Green
Field Tiles A
Field Tiles B, Avacado-V07
Field Tiles B
Field Tiles glass, Adriatic
Field Tiles glass
Flower Pot Panel, Flower Pot Panel
Flower Pot Panel
Fruit Baskets, Fruit Baskets
Fruit Baskets
Glassworks, Netted Field, Color: #43
Glassworks Concept 2, Field, Color: #63
Glassworks Concept 2
Golden Sienna, Slab
Golden Sienna
Herb Series, Basil, #Hs03
Herb Series
Highgrove Concept 6, Candle Light
Highgrove Concept 6
Highgrove Concept 7, Mechanical Beveled Brick
Highgrove Concept 7
Inserts, Insert A
Inserts 4X4, Amish Flower Dot A
Inserts 4X4
Inserts Colorway A, Spanish Flower
Inserts Colorway A
Ivory, Slab
Ivory mosaic, Ivory Break Water
Ivory mosaic
Land, Land
Mare Cobalt, Mare Cobalt
Mare Cobalt
Mare Costa, Mare Costa
Mare Costa
Mare Java, Mare Java
Mare Java
Mare Maldive, Mare Maldive
Mare Maldive
Mare Moss, Mare Moss
Mare Moss
Mare Ocean, Mare Ocean
Mare Ocean
Mare Perla, Mare Perla
Mare Perla
Mare Terra, Mare Terra
Mare Terra
Mosaics ceramica, Square Beveled
Mosaics ceramica
Multi-tile Panels, Fiore Panel 4-Tile
Multi-tile Panels
Novelda 2x2 Inserts, Flower Inserts
Novelda 2x2 Inserts
Novelda 4x4 Inserts, Fruit Insert #19
Novelda 4x4 Inserts
Novelda 4x8 Panels, Fruit Panel #18
Novelda 4x8 Panels
Novelda Borders, Domed Blackberry
Novelda Borders
Old World Concept 3, Fruit Insert
Old World Concept 3
Old World Concept 5, Old World Concept 5
Old World Concept 5
Old World Concept 6, Old World Concept 6
Old World Concept 6
Pedralbes Concept 18, Deco Small Dots
Pedralbes Concept 18
Pedralbes Concept 19, Ohs Standard Traditional
Pedralbes Concept 19
Pedralbes Concept 2, Standard Color Traditional
Pedralbes Concept 2
Pedralbes Concept 20, Pedralbes Concept 2
Pedralbes Concept 20
Pedralbes Concept 21, Pedralbes Concept 21
Pedralbes Concept 21
Pedralbes Concept 22, Concept
Pedralbes Concept 22
Pedralbes Concept 23, Pedralbes Concept 23
Pedralbes Concept 23
Pedralbes Concept 3, Pedralbes Concept
Pedralbes Concept 3
Pedralbes Concept 4, Pedralbes Concept 4
Pedralbes Concept 4
Pedralbes Concept 5, Pedralbes Concept 5
Pedralbes Concept 5
Pedralbes Concept 6, Pedralbes Concept 6
Pedralbes Concept 6
Pedralbes Concept 7, Pedralbes Concept 7
Pedralbes Concept 7
Pedralbes Concept 8, Pedralbes
Pedralbes Concept 8
Rosettes, Blackberry
Sealegends Poly, Sea Legends
Sealegends Poly
Seashell, Tile
Ships, AM63P-2
Ships Bots Poly, Ships & Boats, 63P
Ships Bots Poly
Small Flowers Blue, Small Flowers, 51B
Small Flowers Blue
Sylvester Beige, Sylvester Beige Tum Str Mft
Sylvester Beige
Trades Poly, Trades, 80P
Trades Poly
Verona, VERONA POL ASHLAR PATTERNVerona Pol Ashlar Pattern
Walnut Dark, Tile
Walnut Dark
Wheat Border, Wheat Border
Wheat Border
Wild Flower, Lady's Slippe
Wild Flower

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