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Cosentino American tiles. Where to buy in local stores.


Their Marlique marble line is one of both elegance and style. Best seen in bathrooms, it can be seen as reliable choice for those with high-volume traffic. The company uses Breton stone for this collection because they feel it best serves the stone for durability. Also, the company believes this particular collection is easy to maintain, is durable for that type of room and more resistant to scratches. It comes in several select colors and collections

.Eco by Costintino is one of the two environmentally-friendly tiles the company manufactures. The process takes roughly 75 percent of recycles mirrors, glass, porcelain, and stone scrap. The result is a tile that is one with its surroundings and can take a pounding. It does not require much cleaning and comes with a warranty and in 10 colors. Scalea Natural Marble has many varieties of colors and styles in this category. It is also the company’s newest adventure. This category can be found at shopping malls, commercial businesses and residential buildings, among other places. Colors for this selection range from gray to cream.

This company employs more than 150 certified fabricators and 5000 certified installers who are responsible for over 1000 installations per day in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Virgin Islands. If customers need someone to help, they can certain point them in the right direction.
Consentino Group has more than a dozen warehouses throughout the United States and is headquartered in Texas. To learn more about the company, please contact them.

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