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Cobsa Italian tiles. Where to buy in local stores.


The business has a long-standing history in Italy, providing those with tile needs a wide selection of porcelain, glass, ceramic tiles. Some are done in lain colors; others are immersed in fine decorations and designs. Some examples of the tiles available include: Bevel, which comes in several different designs ranging from canyon to desert and a variety of colors. Granada Marmi with its décor suited for bathrooms and hallways. It primarily comes in two colors, blue and white. However, the combinations of styles are limitless. There are other collections, styles and colors to choose from.Mosaics have an altogether flair for the dramatic. Some have the designs already imprinted on them and come in select darker colors. Other tiles come as one color and are somewhat understated in comparison. The Cabana collection comes in either onyx or wood. It has the ability to spice up any room, particularly the bathroom or outdoor patio. Another choice is the Tumbled Slate, can be a good decision for those who entertain and for those who want something nice and will withhold heavy traffic. This particular tile does that with no problems or lack of responsibility.

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Universal Tile and Marble - Newtown, CT 06470
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Just Tile It - Bowling Green, KY 42103
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EuropAmerican Tile and Marble - Centerville, OH 45459
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Ideal Tile - Falls Church, VA 22046
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