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The first product we ever produced at the Alfagres company was the traditional Italian marble conglomerate floors – terrazzo. Now more than 50 years later we have expanded our superior product line to include many types of floor and wall coverings.

From our durable high density quarry tile to our excellent cutting edge ceramic tiles, we provide a “one stop shop” approach to our inventory of products. We specialize in offering to our customers a single resource for all their surface covering needs with a comprehensive selection of floor tile, wall tile, and accent tile pieces in ceramic, porcelain, quarry, metal, glass and stone options. Each tile line includes a wide array of color, size and finish selections with spectacular tile accent borders and accents to coordinate with each field tile. And we never feel that we have to sacrifice quality for low prices.

We work hard to manufacture our products in an environmentally responsible process with efficiency and cost consciousness so that our customers will have the freedom to select from the highest quality tile and stone without exceeding their budget.

Tiles & Stone Manufacturer Website: Alfagres
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Who sells Alfagres in Florida
Hessler Floor Covering - Naples, FL 34108
Buy Alfagres tiles Georgia
AA Flooring LLC - Atlanta, GA 30360
Who carries Alfagres tiles in Illinois
Sauganash Stone & Tile Design, Inc. - Chicago, IL 60646
Vermont stores selling Alfagres
Down East Tile - Stowe, VT 05672
Alpes ceramic tile, Tabaco by Alfagres
Alpes Sierra ceramic tile, ALPES SIERRA by Alfagres
Alpes Sierra
Antideslizantes ceramic tile, Sahara Grafilado by Alfagres
Antique ceramic tile, Beige by Alfagres
Aqua ceramic tile, Azul by Alfagres
Blanca ceramic tile, Blanco by Alfagres
Boticcino ceramic tile, Sand by Alfagres
Boutique porcelain tile, Pizarra multicolor DVL by Alfagres
Breccia ceramic tile, Azul C by Alfagres
Buzarda ceramic tile, Muneca by Alfagres
Cayambe stone tile, Crema by Alfagres
Cayena ceramic tile, Blanco by Alfagres
Cenefas Baldosa de Grano de Marmol ceramic tile, Trevi torino tierra negro by Alfagres
Cenefas Baldosa de Grano de Marmol
Cenefas Cizalla ceramic tile, Pez by Alfagres
Cenefas Cizalla
Cenefas Eco ceramic tile, pinto DVL by Alfagres
Cenefas Eco
Cenefas Estandar ceramic tile, DVL, verde saltán, botticino by Alfagres
Cenefas Estandar
Cenefas Marmol-Ceramica ceramic tile, Negro trento nuez by Alfagres
Cenefas Marmol-Ceramica
Cenefas Piscinas ceramic tile, Cenefa Blue 1 by Alfagres
Cenefas Piscinas
Cenefas Vidrio Gema ceramic tile, Limon by Alfagres
Cenefas Vidrio Gema
Combinacion Antique Blanco ceramic tile, ANTIQUE BLANCO by Alfagres
Combinacion Antique Blanco
Combinacion Pared Breccia Cafe Claro ceramic tile, Breccia Cafe Claro by Alfagres
Combinacion Pared Breccia Cafe Claro
Combinacion Pared Ferrara Blanco ceramic tile, Ferrara Blanco by Alfagres
Combinacion Pared Ferrara Blanco
Combinacion Pared Ferrara Cafe ceramic tile, Ferrara Cafe by Alfagres
Combinacion Pared Ferrara Cafe
Combinacion Pared Pompei Coral ceramic tile, Pompei Coral by Alfagres
Combinacion Pared Pompei Coral
Combinacion Piedra Cid Negro ceramic tile, Piedra Cid Negro by Alfagres
Combinacion Piedra Cid Negro
Combinacion Pompei Coral ceramic tile, Pompei Coral by Alfagres
Combinacion Pompei Coral
Combinacion Stone Blanco ceramic tile, Stone Blanco by Alfagres
Combinacion Stone Blanco
Combinacion Trento Nuez ceramic tile, Trento Nuez by Alfagres
Combinacion Trento Nuez
Cotopaxi ceramic tile, Grafico by Alfagres
Crema Marfil Ligth ceramic tile, Crema Marfil Ligth by Alfagres
Crema Marfil Ligth
Decos Solidos ceramic tile, Precortado Rojo by Alfagres
Decos Solidos
Ecoceramica ceramic tile, Azul Cielo by Alfagres
Ecopiso ceramic tile, Marmol Gris by Alfagres
Egipcia ceramic tile, Roja Rústica by Alfagres
Etruscas ceramic tile, Roja Rustica by Alfagres
Exteriores Prepulida ceramic tile, Arcobaleno Rojo by Alfagres
Exteriores Prepulida
Fondos ceramic tile, Gama Salmon by Alfagres
Gema ceramic tile, Sand by Alfagres
Gradino Pompei ceramic tile, Gradino Pompei Coral by Alfagres
Gradino Pompei
Granadillo ceramic tile, Madera by Alfagres
Granilla ceramic tile, GRANILLA NEGRA by Alfagres
Griega ceramic tile, Roja by Alfagres
Griega Esmaltada ceramic tile, Limon by Alfagres
Griega Esmaltada
Guayacan ceramic tile, Imperial Rojo by Alfagres
Hacienda ceramic tile, Verde by Alfagres
Huron ceramic tile, Natural by Alfagres
Insertos Cizalla porcelain tile, Hortencia by Alfagres
Insertos Cizalla
Inserts ceramic tile, Cobalt Blue by Alfagres
Klinker ceramic tile, Verde Pino by Alfagres
Linea Cristal ceramic tile, Lila Cristal by Alfagres
Linea Cristal
Lisos ceramic tile, Tradicional by Alfagres
Loseta de Cemento ceramic tile, Olas by Alfagres
Loseta de Cemento
Mallas Cizalla ceramic tile, Malla gama verde y azul by Alfagres
Mallas Cizalla
Mallas y Minimallas
Maple ceramic tile, Maple by Alfagres
Marcos ceramic tile, Marco Cizalla Guyana by Alfagres
Marmolizada ceramic tile, Marmolizado Gris by Alfagres
Matices ceramic tile, Negro San Gil Azul by Alfagres
Mediterranea Crema ceramic tile, Mediterranea Crema by Alfagres
Mediterranea Crema
Naturstone porcelain tile, Cuadriptico Ocre by Alfagres
New Florentina ceramic tile, New Florentina Beige by Alfagres
New Florentina
Pared Antares ceramic tile, AZUL CLARO by Alfagres
Pared Antares
Pared Artica ceramic tile, Pared Artica by Alfagres
Pared Artica
Pared Atalaya ceramic tile, Blanco by Alfagres
Pared Atalaya
Pared Atenas ceramic tile, Gris by Alfagres
Pared Atenas
Pared Boreal ceramic tile, Gris by Alfagres
Pared Boreal
Pared Botticino ceramic tile, Beige by Alfagres
Pared Botticino
Pared Breccia ceramic tile, Azul Oscuro by Alfagres
Pared Breccia
Pared Cayena ceramic tile, Beige by Alfagres
Pared Cayena
Pared Cergres ceramic tile, Blanco Luna by Alfagres
Pared Cergres
Pared Fashion ceramic tile, Trazzo Blanco by Alfagres
Pared Fashion
Pared Ferrara ceramic tile, Cafe by Alfagres
Pared Ferrara
Pared Huron ceramic tile, Camel by Alfagres
Pared Huron
Pared Mediterraneo ceramic tile, Mediterraneo Azul - PISO by Alfagres
Pared Mediterraneo
Pared Mediterraneo ceramic tile, Azul by Alfagres
Pared Mediterraneo
Pared Pompei ceramic tile, Shell by Alfagres
Pared Pompei
Pared Quadratto ceramic tile, Blanco by Alfagres
Pared Quadratto
Pared Tropicale ceramic tile, Fresa by Alfagres
Pared Tropicale
Pared Venato ceramic tile, Azul by Alfagres
Pared Venato
Pared Venus ceramic tile, Venus Azul by Alfagres
Pared Venus
Pared Vesubio ceramic tile, Ivory by Alfagres
Pared Vesubio
Parket ceramic tile, Parket Rojo by Alfagres
Piedra cid ceramic tile, Desertstone by Alfagres
Piedra cid
Pocelanite Nevada ceramic tile, Blanco by Alfagres
Pocelanite Nevada
Pompei ceramic tile, Coral by Alfagres
Pompei Coral ceramic tile, Perlato DVL royal veteado by Alfagres
Pompei Coral
Porcelagres Esmaltados ceramic tile, Verde by Alfagres
Porcelagres Esmaltados
Porcelanite Platinum porcelain tile, Blanco by Alfagres
Porcelanite Platinum
Porcelanite Sahara ceramic tile, Sahara Cafe Piso by Alfagres
Porcelanite Sahara
Roma Antica ceramic tile, Beige by Alfagres
Roma Antica
Romana ceramic tile, Superior Roja by Alfagres
Sangay ceramic tile, Negro Altar by Alfagres
Serie Arboles Gres ceramic tile, Inserto Ceiba Gres by Alfagres
Serie Arboles Gres
Serie Frutas ceramic tile, Inserto Naranjas by Alfagres
Serie Frutas
Serie Girasol ceramic tile, Serie Girasol by Alfagres
Serie Girasol
Serie Hojarasca Humo ceramic tile, Inserto 1 by Alfagres
Serie Hojarasca Humo
Serie Marina ceramic tile, Inserto Caballo de mar by Alfagres
Serie Marina
Serie Otono ceramic tile, Inserto Cheflera by Alfagres
Serie Otono
Serie Peces Blancos ceramic tile, Cenefas Peces blancos by Alfagres
Serie Peces Blancos
Serie Peces Tropicales ceramic tile, Serie Peces Tropicales by Alfagres
Serie Peces Tropicales
Serie Tulipan ceramic tile, Cenefa Tulipan by Alfagres
Serie Tulipan
Spacatto ceramic tile, NSG spacatto by Alfagres
Stone ceramic tile, Blanco by Alfagres
Tablones Decorados ceramic tile, ME-2 by Alfagres
Tablones Decorados
Texturizados & Rusticos ceramic tile, Payande Villa de Leyva by Alfagres
Texturizados & Rusticos
Tocetos ceramic tile, Rojo alicante despicado by Alfagres
Tradicional 30 ceramic tile, Payande y Negro by Alfagres
Tradicional 30
Trento ceramic tile, Menta by Alfagres
Tumbled Marble stone, Rojo by Alfagres
Tumbled Marble
Tumbled Marble Brick Patterns stone, Brick Dorado by Alfagres
Tumbled Marble Brick Patterns
Tumbled Marble Medallions stone, Cafe Pinto Bronce Boticcino by Alfagres
Tumbled Marble Medallions
Tumbled Marble Puzzle Stone, Perlatto Dorado Royal Veteado by Alfagres
Tumbled Marble Puzzle Stone
Tungurahua stone tile, Blanco by Alfagres
Vesubio ceramic tile, Ivory by Alfagres
Vulcano ceramic tile, Rojo by Alfagres

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