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ABK Ceramica, Finale Emilia, Modena, Italy

ABK Ceramica

With its selection of ceramic tiles, the company wants to earn customer confidence. They have surrounded themselves with young, energetic employees who want to see the company excel. That comes from their boss, who set lofty standards for his business. It appears they have come a long way in a short time.

Some 20 collections are available at this company for any type of project that has to be done. Among the choices include: Jerusalem works as a backdrop in the bathroom or washroom. It comes in several colors and designs to match its durability. Woodway is another wall tile that works in the bathroom or as a possible place in the kitchen. There are a dozen different shades of brown that complement this particular collection, as one might expect. Like Jerusalem, there are several colors to select from and sizes to match nay bathroom. Unlike the former, there are more colors to select, from an almond color (light) to Nero (dark gray).
Woodway is one of the company’s newest collections.

Among the others the company has rolled out include: Marble Stone and Rockaway. Both could be used for indoor projects specifically the bathroom or kitchen areas.
Zanzibar would also be a good choice for retiling a bathroom with its colors and accessories. Like the Jeruselem collection, Zanzibar offers different colors to augment the room.

Where the bathroom is a primary focus, there are other rooms they have options—kitchen, bedroom, and living room. The company has something for those projects.

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