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Gainey Ceramics † † La Verne, CA, USA
Gainey Ceramics, La Verne, CA, USA

If you are searching for the timeless, perpetual, ageless beauty of time honored materials and craftsmanship then look no further, Gainey Ceramics offers an ornate line of tiles that will never go out of style. In business since 1949, we are family owned and operated and proud to be known as the California original.

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Gambarelli † † Solignano (Modena), Italy
Gambarelli, Solignano (Modena), Italy

The business has been serving the Italian community and beyond for more than 40 years. They have used this time to deliver the best in porcelain tiles and other collections for the smallest projects and the large industrial buildings. With customers in the United States, Russia France, Germany and several other countries, the firm has based its success on understanding the needs of their customers.

Ceramic tiles
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Gardenia Orchidea † † Spezzano, di Fiorano, MO, Italy
Gardenia Orchidea, Spezzano, di Fiorano, MO, Italy

Like Porsche and Ferrari to the car world, Gardenia Orchidea is the ultimate name in the world of tile. Operating in one hundred and twenty countries around the world, Angelo and Massimo Bonezzi are miles ahead of the competition.

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Garo Ceramic † † Valencia, Spain
Garo Ceramic, Valencia, Spain

Company has a wide selection of porcelain, natural stone, and other tiles designed to make every room a showpiece. They have many sizes available giving customers the decision on what works best for their home and/or office project. Choose from dozens of collections that will enlighten and amaze those who come into contact. They can work with any budget, large or small.

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Grespania † † Castellon/Spain and Modena/Ita, Italy
Grespania, Castellon/Spain and Modena/Ita, Italy

Being a worldwide innovator and distributor of ceramic, wood, glass stone and other types of tiles, the company has dedicated itself to providing these and other services to customers. What they do is match their voluminous stock to the needs of their shoppers. This means all sides are satisfied that they are getting what they want that fits their budget.

Ceramic tiles
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Hakatai Mosaics † † Ashland, OR, USA
Hakatai Mosaics, Ashland, OR, USA

At Hakatai we are so much more than just importers and distributors of glass mosaic tile. We are homeowners like you and since 1997 we have been providing the stunning details that turn renovation projects into dreams come true. Come on over to our side of the fence and let us show you how we decorate.

Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Natural Stone
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Halcon Ceramicas † † Alcora, Spain
Halcon Ceramicas, Alcora, Spain

Halcon Ceramicas provides a high quality stoneware tile product aimed at satisfying the most demanding customers. Old-world craftsmanship combined with flair and creativity makes these tiles true works of art.

Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Metal tiles, Porcelain tiles
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Happy Floors † † Miami, FL, USA
Happy Floors, Miami, FL, USA

Donít just tile your floors: make your floors smile with Happy Floors. A trend setter in the tile industry, we are determined to give our customers the most satisfying tile buying experience.

We have tiles on sale Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles
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Hispania † † Onda, CAS, Spain
Hispania, Onda, CAS, Spain

The artistic, cultural and historical aspects of ceramic tile manufacturing drive this Spanish tile company to new heights of craftsmanship and design. Hispania Ceramica creates beautiful floor and wall tiles.

Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Porcelain tiles
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IceStone † † New York, NY, USA
IceStone, New York, NY, USA

IceStone durable countertop surfaces are the genius innovation of the newly environmentally friendly generation of building product suppliers. Our product is a beautiful material made from 100% recycled glass and concrete for complete sustainability.

Glass tiles
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IGM International Granite & Marble Corporation † † North Bergen, NJ, USA
IGM International Granite & Marble Corporation, North Bergen, NJ, USA

International Granite and Marble Corporation is a company with more than a century of expertise and knowledge concerning the importation and distribution of natural stone slabs and stone products from all over the world.

Granite tiles
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Ilva † † Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ilva, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Since its inception in 1992, Ilva has directed its resources towards the exceptional production of higher end residential ceramic and porcelain tile products for prestigious Argentine homeowners and designers.

Ceramic tiles
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Imagine Tile † † New York, NY, USA
Imagine Tile, New York, NY, USA

Imagine Tile is a group of creative design professionals engaged in producing the most uniquely styled custom crafted decorative tiles and tile murals with the spectacular advantages of modern technology.

Ceramic tiles
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Imola Ceramica † † Imola, Italy
Imola Ceramica, Imola, Italy

An internationally acclaimed manufacturer of fine ceramic tile, Imola Ceramica offers a wide range of both glazed and full-body porcelain tiles designed to satisfy both the aesthetics and the practicality of any design needs.

Ceramic tiles
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Impronta Ceramiche † † Viale Virgilio (MO), Italy
Impronta Ceramiche, Viale Virgilio (MO), Italy

Impronta Ceramiche manufacturers and distributes tile to commercial and retail entities all over the world. Manufactured in Rio and Rubiera, our tile is cutting-edge in design, technical attributes and quality.

Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles
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