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 Ceramica Vallelunga     Nepi, Italy
Ceramica Vallelunga, Nepi, Italy

Based in Italy, this company is the leading supplier of ceramic tiles and accessories. Born out of an idea from friends and family members dating back to the 1950s, they are now a 6,000 square-foot building with countless colors, styles and shapes to please the most discriminating customers. Located near Rome, they attempt to continue the traditions of the past pertaining to the architecture.

Ceramic tiles, Natural Stone, Porcelain tiles
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 Ceramicas Gaya     Castellon, Spain
Ceramicas Gaya, Castellon, Spain

Based in Spain, Ceramicas Gaya had an impeccable selection of tiles and accessories for the discriminating shopper and store. They are not a fly-by-night company, having established its reputation eight decades ago. They pride themselves on delivering quality and affordably while catering to every customer’s own want and needs.

Ceramic tiles
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 Ceramiche Caesar     Spezzano di Fiorano (Modena), MO, Italy
Caesar logo

Since 1988 Caesar has been synonymous with top quality porcelain stoneware, the perfect union between technology performance, functionality and aesthetics.

Ceramic tiles, Granite tiles, Porcelain tiles
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 Ceramiche Cisa     Casalgrande, Italy
Ceramiche Cisa, Casalgrande, Italy

Based in the 1950s, the company has provided itself on giving customers what they want in porcelain tiles, styles, colors and sizes. They take quality very seriously and want to ensure that every piece that leaves its hands will be loved and guaranteed to last. What they hope to accomplish is creating long-last relationships and increase its reputation as a leader in porcelain tiles.

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 Ceramiche Faro     Di Casalgrande, RE, Italy
Ceramiche Faro, Di Casalgrande, RE, Italy

Another choice for those with Italian tastes can be found by Ceramiche Faro, a distributor of Italian tiles and more. Founded nearly 50 years ago on the principles of quality workmanship and quality prices, the company wants to earn your business. Their selection is made with the environment in mind—no harmful chemicals go into the making of their products. That does not reduce the quality of work or choice.

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 Ceramiche Piemme     Fiorano (MO), Italy
Ceramiche Piemme, Fiorano (MO), Italy

This Italian company has spent 50 years fine-tuning its tiles and other accessories. They use porcelain and a double-fire process to get their products just right. In addition to that they also partnered with fashion designer Valentino to deliver the best and most unique collections between the designer and the company, the Valentino-Piemme Collection. The company has dozens of selections on display that will suit all tastes.

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 Ceramiche Supergres     Casalgrande RE, Italy
Ceramiche Supergres, Casalgrande RE, Italy

The company wants people to be satisfied. That is why they use only materials developed in Italy and work to ensure that all of their processes are exceeded by their workers. They specialize in ceramic tiles and have cemented their reputation as being innovative in their designs and choices of styles and collections. They invite people into their showroom to explore the options they offer.

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 Cerdomus Ceramiche     CastelBolognese, Italy
Cerdomus Ceramiche, CastelBolognese, Italy

Established in 1969, Cerdomus Ceramiche is a manufacturer of fine ceramic products which are distributed around the world. With a focus on product diversification and brand excellence, we continue to be a leader in the tile industry.

Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles
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 CNL Stone     Boston, Miami, Orlando, MA, USA
CNL Stone, Boston, Miami, Orlando, MA, USA

Shopping at CNL Stone has its benefits: we are the world’s largest direct importer and supplier of natural stone in the world. We can outfit your home or office with the finest stone available anywhere.

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 Cobsa     Italy
Cobsa, Italy

Company not only has a base in Italy, but has several showrooms in the United States. Customers in New York, New Jersey and Florida can visit the firm’s buildings for the latest trends in tiles, ceramics glass and other accessories. Their work has also been shown on the ABC television program “Extreme Makeover Home Edition.” They are also creative in their fashion, so they have what consumers want. Offices in New York, New Jersey, Miami.

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 Cooperativa Ceramica D'Imola     Miami, Italy

Imola Tile is a leading company of Ceramic and Porcelain Tile distribution.

Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles
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 Cosentino     Stafford, TX, USA
Cosentino, Stafford, TX, USA

Company has spent more than a decade fine-tuning their tiles and commitment to the environment. Developed in North America, the firm strives to provide customers with the best in tiles and natural stone surfaces available. They also developed two environmentally-friendly stones that have best sellers. Besides stone, they also invest some of their resources in marble and have the brands and selections to back up their inventory.

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 Country Floors     New York, NY, USA
Country Floors, New York, NY, USA

In business since 1964 and founded by still life photographer, Norman Karlson, Country Floors has been blazing a trail through the ceramic and tile industry, setting the pace for style and design choices. Luxurious ceramic tile, dazzling stone, elegant terra cotta and sparkling glass all from the finest quarries and factories in the world grace our product line.

Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Natural Stone, Porcelain tiles
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 Crossville     Crossville, TN, USA
Crossville, Crossville, TN, USA

Crossville manufactures and distributes porcelain stone tile, natural stone, glass and metal products to retailers and commercial customers throughout the United States. Established in 1986, we are dedicated to making our products eco-friendly.

Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Natural Stone, Onyx tiles, Porcelain tiles
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 DalTile     Dallas, TX, USA
DalTile, Dallas, TX, USA

Daltile, founded in Dallas in 1947, is one of the premier tile and stone manufacturers in the United States. They provide a large portion of tiles used by companies throughout the country. They provide a variety of unique tiles and stone consisting of a number of materials and with a plethora of applications.

We have tiles on sale Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Metal tiles, Mosaic tiles, Natural Stone, Porcelain tiles
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