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Important Facts About Granite Countertops

Designing a home or planning a kitchen remodeling project requires a lot of attention to detail and some important decision making. Choosing the right countertops will have a major impact upon the aesthetics, function and value of your kitchen and your home, and should be carefully considered.

So what?s the best choice in countertop materials? This question has one simple, easy answer - GRANITE. There are plenty of man-made products in existence today with misleading marketing and advertising programs that can cloud the issue. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of granite for countertops and allow you to come to your own conclusions on the topic. Below we have listed several benefits of owning granite countertops.

  • Granite is gorgeous. Nothing made by man and machines can ever compare to the inherent beauty of natural stone. The colors are dynamic, full of depth and incredible aesthetic appeal. Whether you select a stone with the ?movement? of flowing veins, or one with more subtle undertones and flecks, every slab of granite is a work of art by itself.
  • Granite is durable. Your granite countertops will long outlive the rest of your kitchen. Granite can endure more stringent use than any other material, surviving hot pans, sharp knives and spills far better than any copy-cat surfaces. (Here?s a tip: your fabricator can make you hot trivets and cutting boards from your granite sink cut-out remnant.)
  • Granite is affordable. Just like with most products, granite has a wide range of prices. You can actually buy granite countertops for about the same price as the ?economy? countertops if you choose your stone from the value group. Unlike other products, granite prices do not reflect quality, but instead are based upon availability. Stones with plenty of supply are priced lower than more rare exotic stones.
  • Granite is easy to maintain. Have you been told that you will have to slave over granite countertops and work constantly to keep them clean? You probably heard that from someone who sells some kind of engineered countertop product. The fact is, within the last decade stone care technology has progressed significantly, and the newer stone sealing products are incredibly dependable. Once your stone has been sealed by your countertop fabricator, you?ll rarely have to do anything at all but wipe clean with a stone friendly cleaning product. Lighter colored stones may require resealing after a few years, but resealing is as easy as wipe on ? wipe off.
  • Granite adds to your home?s value. Ask any real estate agent what rooms are the most important to home buyers ? they?ll tell you the kitchen and the bathrooms. Then ask what are the key upgrades that make these rooms more enticing for buyers ? they?ll tell you to install granite countertops. If you think you may ever want to sell your home, or even take out a home equity loan, then granite is your best choice to increase your home?s market value.


There?s really only one conclusion to reach once you have all the facts in hand: granite is the best choice in countertop materials!

Granite Countertops

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