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How to Choose the Right Tile for the Job

You are absolutely right to choose tile for your surface covering. Tile is long-lasting, durable, easy to clean, water-resistant, and simply beautiful. However, having the right kind of tile to fit the job at hand is extremely important. Tiles are made of different materials, with different capabilities, and you need to be sure that the tile you choose is right for the area to be covered.

For instance, if you want to tile a shower floor, it?s important to use floor tile with a non-slippery surface. If you put a high-gloss wall tile on your shower floor, the tile will crack under your weight and become dangerously slippery when wet.

Here are a few examples of the right tile for the job:

Dry Interior Floors: For kitchen floors, sunroom floors, living area floors, foyer floors, etc... choose a tile rated for floors. It?ll be thicker and more durable than wall tile. Consider the size-larger tiles help create an effect of a larger room in a small space. Consider the layout- diagonal installation also helps the large room effect.

Wet Interior Floors: For bathroom floors and shower floors, surface texture is important for safety. Smaller sized tiles are also easier to pitch to drain than large floor tiles.

Exterior Floors: Outdoor patios and walkways that are exposed to the elements require a tile rated for freeze resistance, and surface texture is vital.

Countertops: The best tile for a kitchen counter is one that can withstand scratches, heat and stains. Granite tile is the perfect choice for kitchen countertops.

Walls: You can put any kind of tile on a kitchen backsplash wall, a shower wall, or a fireplace surround. You can even put large floor tile on walls with a little extra care during installation.

You can find out if a tile is rated for floors, high traffic, freeze etc... by either asking your tile guy or reading the fine print on the tile sample board or tile box.

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